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Metalla 24.2 (2018)

  • Original Articles
  • Welding a New Approach to the Study of Ancient Metals: Part 2

  • Thomas Stöllner and Mark Pearce: Forward, p.63
  • Bianka Nessel, Gerhard Brügmann, Carolin Frank, Janeta Marahrens and Ernst Pernicka: Tin Provenance and Raw Material Supply – Considerations about the Spread of Bronze Metallurgy in Europe, pp.65-72
  • Ernst Pernicka: Science versus Archaeology? The Case of the Bernstorf Fakes, pp.73-80
  • Mark Pearce: The Curse of the pXRF: the Negative Consequences of the Popularity of Handheld XRF Analysis of Copper-Based Metal Artefacts, pp.81-85
  • Thomas Stöllner: What is an Ore Deposit? Approaches from Geoscience and Archaeology in Understanding the Usage of Deposits, pp.87-110
Metalla 24.2 (2018)