Metalla 22.1 (2016)

  • Reviewed Original Articles
  • Elnaz Rashidian: Geoarchaeological Investigations in the Bronze Age Ore Beneficiation Landscape of Troiboden (Province of Salzburg, Austria), pp.3-19
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  • Stephen Merkel: Carolingian and Ottonian Brass Production in Westphalia: Evidence from the Crucibles and Slag of Dortmund and Soest, pp.21-39
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  • Andreas Hauptmann, Sabine Klein, Richard Zettler, Ursula Baumer and Patrick Dietemann: On the Making and Provenancing of Pigments from the Early Dynastic Royal Tombs of Ur, Mesopotamia, pp.41-74
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  • The Royal Tombs of Ur, Mesopotamia: New Investigations, New Results from the Examination of Metal Artifacts and other Archaeological Finds. Supplement to Metalla 22.1.
  • Workshop at the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum, May 2015. Featuring contributions by Andreas Hauptmann, Sabine Klein, Susan La Niece, Moritz Jansen, Kim Benzel, Barbara Armbruster and Eveline Salzmann, pp.75-146

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  • Andreas Hauptmann and Sabine Klein: An Introduction, pp.77-83
  • Andreas Hauptmann and Sabine Klein: Golden Artifacts from the Royal Tombs of Ur, Mesopotamia, pp.84-88
  • Sabine Klein, Susan La Niece and Andreas Hauptmann: Objects from the Ur Collection of the British Museum Sampling and Analytical Investigations, pp.89-97
  • Moritz Jansen, Andreas Hauptmann and Sabine Klein: Where does the Gold from the Cementery of Ur come from? - Provenancing Gold Sources using Analytical Methods, pp.98-106
  • Kim Benzel, Technologies of Jewelry at Ur: the Physics & Metaphysics of Skilled Crafting, pp.107-112
  • Barbara Armbruster: Technological Aspects of Selected Gold Objects from Ur - Preliminary Results and Perspectives, pp.113-135
  • Sabine Klein and Andreas Hauptmann: The Lead Metal from Pit X, pp.136-140
  • Eveline Salzmann, Sabine Klein and Andreas Hauptmann: Analytical Investigations on Silver, Copper and the Earliest Tin Bronzes from Ur, pp.141-145
Metalla 22.1 (2016)