Themed tours

Besides tours of the visitor mine and visits to the headframe, we offer various guided tours through our permanent exhibition and the current special exhibition. You can book special tours and workshops on many different topics – e.g. metal, miners’ lamps or mining-related art – or take part in our open guided tours every Sunday.

Open Sunday tours

If you would like to take part in an open Sunday tour, please speak to a member of our visitor services team before 14:00 on Sunday.

We’re happy to help!

Guided tours for adults  
Duration 1 hour
Cost 3.00 € + museum admission
Language German

Please visit the calendar on our German version of the website to find out about our upcoming events.

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Bookable guided tours through the permanent exhibition

Coal and iron ore mining since industrialization are core themes of our museum. But what about other raw materials such as copper, tin, or flint? What was mining like in other periods? And what other things were miners interested in? Discover the answers to these questions on our guided tours of the permanent exhibition.
Group size 20 people
Duration 1 hour
Cost 60 € + museum admission

Treasure chest Earth

Treasure chest Earth

Our modern world would be inconceivable without the use of natural resources of all kinds. We mine ores to extract metals. We use coal, gas and petroleum to supply us with energy. We quickly use up things that have taken millions of years to form. Every day, however, our Earth is creating new raw materials. You’ll learn about these interesting, but incredibly slow processes on this guided tour.

Metal – 10,000 years of high tech

Metal – 10,000 years of high tech

Metals – such as copper, tin or iron – are still some of the most important raw materials in the world. Modern life would be unimaginable without them. Few people know, however, that the first metal objects appeared around 8000 BC. How is ore turned into metal? And how and why did people come up with the idea of mixing metals? Learn about various techniques of extraction and processing, and find out how these have been refined over time.

Treasures of mining-related art

Treasures of mining-related art

Who are Nappian and Neucke? What is an Ausbeutetaler? And why is Barbara venerated as the patron saint of miners? Our galleries contain not just big machines but delicate artworks made of ivory and silver, sculptures and early printed works, Meissen porcelain and icons. Discover all these treasures from the many facets of mining culture, and learn more about their meaning and their history.

Where do you turn if all else fails? The miner and his saints

Where do you turn if all else fails? The miner and his saints

What is a Handstein? What are Froschlampen? Why do our museum exhibits include meteorites, but also fossils? And what do these things have to do with mining and the extraction of raw materials? Every item tells its own little story, but is also part of a bigger story, the history of mining. Come and meet the special objects in our permanent exhibition.


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