Workshops for adults

Our workshops for adults give you the opportunity to deal with a subject in a more hands-on way.

Workshop: Metal – 10,000 years of hightech

Workshop: Metal – 10,000 years of hightech (German)

In this interactive, hands-on activity you can approach the subject of metal from a different perspective. Here you’ll have the opportunity to learn about prehistoric metal processing techniques, and to try one of them out yourself.

Workshop: The world of minerals

Workshop: The world of minerals (German)

Minerals, with all their countless shapes and colours, are fascinating. Since time immemorial, they have been used as raw materials, and the most beautiful specimens have been turned into jewellery. Is there anyone who has not wondered how our Earth produces such things? Participants can discover the answers, and learn more about the secrets these treasures hide behind their sparkling exterior. Simple methods can be used to identify minerals – including any that you may wish to bring yourself.