Our green headframe is a well-known sight far beyond the borders of Bochum, and shapes the city’s silhouette.

And yet our biggest exhibit did not arrive in Bochum until 1973. Until then, the headframe stood in its original location, above the main shaft of the Germania mining complex in Dortmund-Marten.
Designed by the well-known industrial architects Fritz Schupp and Martin Kremmer, the solid-walled double headframe was erected in 1943/44. In its time it was considered to be the largest headframe in the world, with a weight of 650 t, a height of 71.4 m, and a head wheel diameter of 8.00 m. It was also one of the most modern and powerful hoisting devices in the German coal-mining industry, and remained in operation until 1971.
After being decommissioned, the headframe was dismantled into separate parts weighting up to 30 t, and was brought to Bochum with special trucks and reassembled over a number of weeks. The whole operation attracted great interest from the media.
Today visitors can use the lift to enter the visitor mine, and to reach the lofty heights of the viewing platform. From here the view extends over the roofs of Bochum and far beyond the city limits.


Technical data

Constructed in the Germania mine complex 1944
Reconstructed in the German Mining Museum Bochum 1973
Elevation of the pithead ± 0,00m (+ 84.00 m above sea level)
Total height (from pithead) 71.40 m (+ 155.40 m above sea level)
Height to upper head wheel platform >62.00 m (+ 146.00 m above sea level)
Height to lower head wheel platform 50.00 m (+ 134.00 m above sea level)
Total weight of frame (including above-ground guide structure for the lift) approx. 650 t
Diameter of head wheel 8.00 m


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