Zukunft leben - Die demografische Chance

(Live the future – the demographic opportunity)

20 September - 27 October 2013

The Leibniz Association’s exhibition "Zukunft leben – Die demografische Chance" (Live the future! The demographic opportunity) gave a vivid impression of how demographic change will affect our lives. On the basis of researchers’ findings and their proposed solutions, the nine sections of the exhibition showed how we will learn, work, create families, grow old, and live in the future. The exhibition began with a walk-in 3D sculpture on demographic trends in Germany. Visitors could look into the future and discover what factors influenced the demographic outlook.

Photo project “Alt und Jung - Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet!” (“Old and young – we are the Ruhr”!)

“Nothing comes from nothing” and “Everything was better back then”: members of the younger generation are used to hearing such words of wisdom from Grandma and Grandpa. Mind you, the youngsters aren’t afraid to tell their elders a thing or two either. Nonetheless, we’re sure that young and old owe a lot to each other, and that they are able to support and inspire each other.

So we wanted to hear from you: we wanted to hear some of the great (and of course intergenerational) stories that grandchildren and children associated with their grandparents and parents, and that grandparents and parents associated with their children and grandchildren.

Within the framework of the ‘Science Year 2013’, “The demographic opportunity”, we have put together a map of the generations with your stories and pictures. Because we – young and old – are the Ruhr!

Alt und Jung - Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet!

  • Miriam Yenmez, Renate Fischer-Yenmez

    Alt und Jung - Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet

    „The New Generation“ –

    Me: a product of structural change in the Ruhr. My parents met at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. My father was from Turkey, my mother from the Sauerland. That was possible here. The Ruhr was always open to new things. To other things. Open to opposites. Wearing its heart on its sleeve. That’s what I grew up with, and it’s something I really value. Going out into the world with an open mind! In the light of this, I hope we can cope successfully with the adventure of “demographic development”!

  • Thorsten and Nicole Erlenbruch with Aaron

    Alt und Jung - Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet

    We are part of a multi-generational household.

  • Othmar Fritzek

    Alt und Jung - Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet

    Tradition is fun. Rediscovering the old is always a new adventure for the parents and the children.

    It’s important to be able to pass on “tradition”, because it’s part of the culture we live in, the culture which has shaped us and is still shaping us.

  • Frank, Sabine, Franziska and Finn Focke

    Alt und Jung - Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet

    2 generations of Opel – and we were actually hoping to make it 3 generations!

  • Irina Welker, Lisa-Marie Welker

    Alt und Jung - Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet

    My mother likes cooking, and so do I. Our favourite dish is spaghetti, and we got the recipe (for the sauce) from my godmother.

  • Peter Schneider

    Alt und Jung - Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet

    At our house, football was a big deal.
    Dad was a Dortmund fan, he had lots of pennants on the walls, and posters of the world champions of 74! That did have an influence on me – but nowadays I’m a Schalke fan. I have two sons who have inherited (Grandpa’s) Dad’s enthusiasm. Both are Bayern fans, though. :(
    So our family covers a pretty good spectrum of the Bundesliga.
    Yes, I do have a wife too (it’s her birthday today), but she isn’t into football – there has to be a balance somewhere, after all!

  • Julia Schmitt, Bettina Wichmann

    Alt und Jung - Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet

    Daughter: My Mum taught me lots of things, for example knitting and crochet. My very earliest memories have to do with Mum sitting in the living room doing handicrafts. Since handicrafts are having a revival at the moment, I’m glad I can learn knitting first-hand. It’s fun to spend afternoons together, knitting and having a laugh.

    Mother: I learnt how to use a computer from my daughter. She showed me how to use it to carry out transactions more easily. Any questions about the computer are explained to me in detail by my daughter. Thank you!

  • Kathrin Kiupel, Andreas Pieckmann

    Alt und Jung - Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet

    Our children teach us to live in the here and now.


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