Pre-Columbian raw materials between southern Peru and northern Chile

Studies on exchange processes of lithic and metallic raw materials in the Andean cultures of South America.

The doctoral project connects strategically with the research begun in the Palpa region by Prof. Dr. Thomas Stöllner, Dr. Jan Cierny and Dr. Guntram Gassmann from the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum, examining the exchange processes of the Andean cultures in South America on the basis of the raw materials present there: copper, gold and obsidian.

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Historical iron mining on the Eisenberg in Brilon

In the late summer of 2010 we carried out a mining archaeology study of medieval mining activity in the area of the Eisenberg (municipality of Olsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia). The aim was to explore the earliest phase of the late-medieval to modern extraction of iron, within the framework of an EU LEADER project.

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Siegerland silver

the excavations on the Altenberg near Müsen

The Altenberg, near Müsen, situated on a pass between the Kindelsberg and the Martinshardt mountains at around 490 m above sea level, is not only an important find site for the Middle Ages in the Siegen-Wittgenstein administrative district, but also the place where important methods of mining archaeology were first developed. This is where the Altenberg vein appears on the surface. It contained lead and tin ores with traces of silver, which were mined between 1200 and 1300 and led to the development of an industrial settlement.

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