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Research fields, main thematic areas and projects

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Research field I:
Mining in time and space

Our research is interdisciplinary and deals with the extraction and use of raw materials all over the world from the earliest exploitation until the present day. Our approach to research is comparative and diachronic. We use examples from various cultural and physical regions and their mineral deposits, spanning all historical eras, to create a picture of complex interrelationships: the development of raw material production with all its social and economic aspects.

Thematic areas and projects

Research field II:
Objects related to mining

Here our studies focus on mining-related objects: tools, documents, photos, or even entire mines and industrial facilities. We investigate these material remains “in the field” or as part of the collection in the montan.dok archive. We use the latest methods of documentation, which we systematically develop in method-based projects. Materials analyses of the objects and of methods for conserving them add to our spectrum of technical expertise.

Thematic areas and projects

Projects outside of the main thematic areas

Completed projects