“Foreign(ers) in the district?”

initiative of the archives in the Ruhr as part of the RUHR 2010 Capital of Culture project – sub-project “Foreign(ers) to mining. Foreign nationals in the Ruhr mining industry”

In the context of the year in which the Ruhr was a European Cultural Capital, 2010, several exhibitions on various aspects of the topic were planned. One of the measures taken to bring together the elements in this decentralized presentation was a joint publication.

montan.dok and the research department for mining history, in collaboration with the Institut für Stadtgeschichte Gelsenkirchen, prepared an exhibition on the history of foreigners in the Ruhr mining industry and a corresponding contribution to the joint publication.
The starting point is the relevance of foreign labour, but also of foreign entrepreneurs, engineers and investors, for the development of the Ruhr mining industry, one of the core industries in the Ruhr in the 19th and 20th centuries. The exhibition and article deal both with the efforts of the industry to recruit these workers, and with the integration of these workers, who often had no mining experience, into mining operations. On a conceptual level, an attempt is made – as far as this is possible and appropriate – to illustrate historical developments with local or individual/biographical examples.


Ruhr 2010 GmbH


2009 - 2010


  • Stefan Przigoda/Stefan Goch: Bergfremd(e). Ausländer im Ruhrbergbau, in: Wisotzky, Klaus/Wölk, Ingrid (Hrsg.): Fremd(e) im Revier!? Zuwanderung und Fremdsein im Ruhrgebiet, Essen 2010, S. 222-257.