Testing of new imaging techniques:

mining in Castel-Minier, France

Castel-Minier – near Aulus-les-Bains in the Pyrenees – is regarded as probably the largest and most important French mining area of the late Middle Ages and early modernity. Iron, steel, silver, copper and lead were extracted and processed here.

Together with French researchers from the CNRS, we have been involved in the study of this region, important for both history and mining, since 2010. Our mutual research interest lies in a pilot project testing the latest imaging techniques for the documentation of mining remains. Further focuses are 3D reconstructions and simulations of medieval hydropower installations, hammer mills, bellows and rock grinding mills, as well as the joint study of other feats of engineering in the mining industry of the time.


Jürgen Heckes

Project manager

Dr. Florian Téreygeol / CNRS


Ministry of Culture, France

regional and municipal public funds


Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)




  • A. Arles, P. Clerc, G. Sarah, F. Tereygeol, G. Bonamour, und A. Klein, „3D reconstruction and modeling of subterranean landscapes in collaborative mining archaeology projects: Techniques, applications and experiences“, XXIV. CIPA International Symposium, Strasburg, 2013.