Establishment of a geological museum at the Geological Survey & Mineral Resources Board of the Ministry of Oil & Minerals in the Republic of Yemen

Since 2003 the DBM has been studying the stone industry in Yemen, from its Sabaean roots to the present day. Our activities throughout the country soon showed the need for short-term presentation of the findings in a museum. The idea was that a museum would appeal to the Yemeni public, especially school pupils and young people, and make them aware of the raw material resources present in their country and previously largely overlooked. The main task of the research department for information systems was to train the future museum staff and to help set up around 500m2 of permanent exhibition space. The museum was opened on 1 January 2012, and is, according to the Geological Survey & Mineral Resources Board, a complete success.



Jürgen Heckes

Project manager

Dr. Ismail Al Ganad, GSMRB

Jürgen Heckes

Responsible body

Geological Survey & Mineral Resources Board (GSMRB), Sanaa, Jemen


Ministry of Oil and Minerals, Republic of Yemen; other public and private sponsors




Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum


2008 - 2011