Conservation measures in line with heritage protection standards on an industrial monument: Prosper II

Since 1998 the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum has provided academic support for work on the ‘Malakoff Tower’ (a distinctive type of fortress-like shaft tower) above the former pit Prosper II in Bottrop, which is being converted to a new use in line with heritage protection standards. Today this site has become one of the city’s foremost cultural venues, inspiring efforts to put the other sites in the surrounding area to new uses as well. A private investor has been found for the neighbouring pithead baths, for example, and has restored the building and put it to a new use as a conference venue.

To increase the appeal of the Malakoff Tower, the steel pithead tower which was installed at a later date has now also been restored and put to use. In an intensive consultation process between the owner, the heritage preservation authorities and the fire service, a structural solution was found, within the available budget, for the construction of a viewing platform on the first head wheel platform. According to the renovation plans the escape routes in the southwest corner tower, which date back to the time of construction and are still preserved, will be returned to their original function. This will make Prosper II the only Malakoff Tower in Germany in which these corner staircases are accessible to the public.

Zugehöriges Projekt

Responsible body

Stiftung Industriedenkmalpflege und Geschichtskultur


Architekturbüro Ritter


2012 - 2013


  • Stefan Niederhagemann: Modification of a listed pithead into a viewing platform, in Jerzy Jasienko (Hrsg.): Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions, S. 2702-2707, 2012.