Encyclopaedia of the Early Modern Period


Volumes 11 and 12 were published in spring and autumn 2010 respectively, and volumes 13-15, as well as the final index volume, have now also appeared. The following articles from the field of mining history were written for volume 11: the arms industry (Dr. Andreas Bingener), salt (Dr. Michael Fessner with Dr. Peter Piasecki), blasting, the smelting process and liquation plants (Dr. Christoph Bartels). Editorial support was also given for the article on salt-making technology. The following articles in the research area of mining history were written for volume 12: steel (Dr. Andreas Bingener), coal (Dr. Michael Fessner), and the pit and quarry industry (Dr. Andreas Ludwig with Prof. Dr. Thomas Kirnbauer). Over the whole encyclopaedia, more than 200 columns were devoted to the area of mining: it thus plays a much larger and more structured role here than in the Encyclopaedia of the Middle Ages. Managing this research area also meant, at the beginning of the project, generating and coordinating the individual headwords (more than 60 in total); as outlined above, the encyclopaedia as a whole is divided into thematic areas, but the entries from all these areas are nonetheless published in alphabetical order. It has now been decided that an English translation of the Enzyklopädie der Neuzeit will be published.