Ore mining in the Sauerland, 1740-1907

lead, tin and pyrite

The research project, which was carried out by Jan Ludwig, examined the small-scale mining districts of Ramsbeck, Iserlohn and Meggen in the Sauerland. The study thus focused on a region on which far too little research had been done. In particularly, the Sauerland could be used as an example for investigating general questions on the history of mining in regions with a primarily agricultural character, and their relations of exchange with large industrial districts. Using a comparative method, the following factors were taken into account: a) the available resources and the possible ways they could be used, b) the strategic decisions of the actors, who carried out their economic activities on the basis of incomplete information, and c) the impact of these strategies on the existing utilization of resources. The research project was successfully completed with Jan Ludwig's doctoral thesis.

PhD thesis

Jan Ludwig

Porject manger

Dr. Christoph Bartels

Responsible body

Deutsches Bergbaum-Museum Bochum


Prof. Dr. Günther Schulz, Philosophische Fakultät der Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn


2006 - 2009


  • Ludwig, Jan (2010), Blei, Zink und Schwefelkies. Erzbergbau im Sauerland 1740-1907, Bochum.