Mines of the Ruhr: A Guidebook

Today several publications are available which serve as records of former mines in the Ruhr district, and offer a more or less thorough description of the development of the relevant mines. What is missing so far, however, is a concise publication that refers specifically to the remains of the Ruhr mining industry, and makes these accessible for laypeople as well as specialists. The project “Mines of the Ruhr: A Guidebook” is based on this objective. Taking Wolfgang Berke’s previously published Haldenführer Ruhrgebiet (“Slag Heaps of the Ruhr: A Guidebook”), we want to offer a kind of recreation guide to mines of the Ruhr which have remains that can be visited today.

Our work over the last few years in contact with users has frequently shown that there is great demand for a mine guide of the type planned.

The mine guide will take into account the following objects, with reference to the Ruhr district:

  • any preserved (and interesting) headframes and winding towers (e.g. Rheinpreußen mine, Moers)
  • any mines whose above-ground structures are still completely or partially preserved and in use (e.g. Minister Stein mine, Dortmund)
  • any mines which once played an important role for a town or urban district, and whose sites are still recognizable (and accessible to the public) (e.g. Rheinelbe mine, now a sculpture forest, Gelsenkirchen)
  • any mines whose sites now contain new buildings or facilities which are accessible to the public and interesting) (e.g. Mont Cenis mine, now an academy, Herne)

For each object listed, the guide will give a description of its history, a summary of its main features, and regional and/or tourist information. The aim is to produce an informative mine guide for the general public, thoroughly illustrated with a wealth of historical photos from the montan.dok collections.
The project is very much in line with montan.dok’s mission to provide information services on mining history, based on collection-related research. This service goes well beyond purely academic research. The project presented here will be a collaboration between medienbüro –ruhr–, represented by Wolfgang Berke and Wolfgang Grubert, and montan.dok, represented by Dr Michael Farrenkopf and Dr Stefan Przigoda. The plan is to have the guide published by a Ruhr-based publisher specializing in such projects.

Responsible body

Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum


2012 - 2013



  • Wolfgang Berke, Michael Farrenkopf, Wolfgang Grubert, Stefan Przigoda Auf Zeche. Entdecken. Erleben. Erinnern. Der Reiseführer zu mehr als 100 Schachtanlagen im Ruhrgebiet, Essen 2013.