Securing know-how in the coking industry

Computer-assisted depth indexing of scholarly publications and manuscripts on the history of the coking industry

This project has been jointly conceived by the historians’ group of the Verein Deutscher Kokereifachleute e.V. (VDKF, Association of German Coking Industry Professionals), as an external source of funding, and montan.dok. It is based on the following experience: people working in the German coking industry, especially those involved in practical operations, are often confronted with situations where they have to solve current problems. To do so they need technical information which is not easily obtainable. Furthermore, the solution of current operating problems often requires techniques which could be found by studying specialist technical literature, including older literature.

The project therefore involves building up a separate database within the digital indexing structures of montan.dok. This will gradually come to include the articles from relevant specialist journals, but also technical reports etc. which are stored in the archives and which have so far only been accessible with some effort. Preliminary work has already been carried out by a working group consisting of professionals from the coking industry, and montan.dok staff. Our first step will be to record the bibliographical references in the database, and to apply keywords for searching. The second step will be to digitize the articles and reports so that they can be downloaded via the database. The database will possibly be made available for members of the VDKF on the association’s website – e.g. via the secure members’ area – and non-members may be able to use it on a fee-paying basis.


Dr. Michael Farrenkopf




2011 - 2012