We want our website and online services to be accessible to everyone. Ideally, the information should be easy to use and understand.

This is why we have starting a process for detecting any obstacles existing within our website, and we are gradually removing them. Some examples include:

  • The font size and the layout are scalable using the browser’s zoom function or the relevant button on our website.
  • The font is optimised for the internet, making it easily legible.
  • Our main pages are based on a simple CSS layout. This means they do not contain any layout graphics that could severely restrict their accessible use.
  • An alternative text is gradually being added to those photos and graphics that have to be embedded in our text.
  • We are attempting to use table layouts only in exceptional cases, so as to improve the structure of our content.
  • We are continuously working to ensure that the majority of our videos are subtitled.
  • We use recurring symbols to make navigating easier.
  • We do not use any automatic pop-ups.
  • We clearly label headings, so they are identifiable as such.
  • We are working on improving our search function to make content easier to find.
  • We want to make our web pages more user-friendly with a uniform design and recurring design elements.
  • We want to simplify the navigation structure by having a number of entry points, so that it is easier to navigate around our extensive website.

Of course, this is “only” the beginning, and we will pay attention to aspects such as sign language, plain language, and accessible PDFs among others. Help us to become better! If you are unable to find the information you need and/or you are cannot understand something, write to us at

You can also use this address if you have any other requests regarding our website.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

The Communication & Marketing Department Team at the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum