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Research Laboratory

The Research Laboratory of the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum is where we carry out chemical analyses and diverse evaluations of physical materials. To this end, we develop and adapt new procedures to meet the particular research demands. Our work delivers information regarding the characterisation of materials and material properties, as well as on questions concerning their origins.

The Research Laboratory can examine practically all kinds of inorganic materials to establish their chemical, structural and physical compositions. A suitable preparation process and method is selected, depending on the research issue and the qualities of the sample.

The Research Laboratory has a variety of equipment which is particularly important for the Materials Science, Mining Archaeology and Archaeometallurgy research departments. In the Research Laboratory we also conduct series of tests on behalf of the Materials Science department, to understand the way in which deterioration processes affect metals, plastics and natural stone. And we develop protective agents and measures for materials which are already damaged, in order to preserve them from further damage.

The entire spectrum of analytics carried out in the Research Laboratory, as well as our on-site sampling service, is also used by external clients, such as universities and non-university research institutions, companies and private individuals.

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Research Laboratory

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