Terms of Use

In order to be able to support your work in montan.dok in the best possible way, preparations are required by the in-house staff. Therefore, it is necessary to contact them in advance for clarification and to make an appointment. This can be done by telephone +49 234 5877-154 or by e-mail montan.dok@bergbaumuseum.de.

In addition, you can find out in advance about the terms of use and fee regulations and the correct way to cite sources from montan.dok.

Please respect all hygiene regulations and the usual AHA rules during your visit. The mask requirement does not apply.

  1. montan.dok is open from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, and on Friday from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm. It can be used free of charge for mining-related and scientific research purposes. A fee may be charged for private or commercial use.
  2. The director of montan.dok, or a designated representative, will issue a permit to use montan.dok following the presentation of an application precisely stating the purpose and subject of the research activity.
  3. A permit will only be issued to such persons who can prove they have a professional, scientific or legitimate personal interest in having access to the archival materials and other documents, and who can produce personal identification and give an assurance that they will observe the Terms of Use.
  4. The permission to use may be revoked if
    1. special contractual agreements exist, that completely or partly preclude the use of the archival materials and other documents;
    2. this would endanger the legitimate interests of third parties, especially living persons or the donors of archival materials and other documents;
    3. there are serious reservations regarding the particular user or the purpose of their research activities;
    4. the preservation or access status of the archival materials and other documents does not permit such use.
  5. The permission to use includes permission for the user to prepare transcripts and extracts of archival materials and other documents. Photocopies and reproductions may only be made by montan.dok staff following an examination of the conservational and legal situation, and a fee shall be payable. The archive director will decide on any exceptions to this rule. montan.dok reserves the right to refuse to make reproductions for legal, conservational or other such reasons.
  6. Users are not permitted to photograph archival materials and other documents of montan.dok within the reading room of the montan.dok. Following a separate application and an examination of the specific case by the director of montan.dok or a designated representative, permission may be given for the user to take work photographs using their own camera and subject to conservational regulations. These work photographs may only be used for personal, private purposes, in order to facilitate scientific research on and with the collections of montan.dok. Any publication or passing on to other persons is prohibited. Irrespective of any permission granted, it is strictly prohibited to photograph copyright-protected works and visual artworks, or documents which are subject to archival, data protection or other such limitation periods, or which do not belong to montan.dok (e.g. deposited works).
  7. For the protection of the collections, the reading room of montan.dok is monitored by video camera. The user agrees to this form of video surveillance.
  8. As a rule, any search tools over and beyond the online search portal, www.montandok.de, will only be made available in the reading room. The provision of search tools of whatever type is at the discretion of the director of montan.dok.
  9. Users may not access the depositories of montan.dok.
  10. The search tools, archival materials and other documents made available must be handled carefully. Damage caused deliberately or due to gross negligence will result in the immediate withdrawal of the permission to use, and possibly to criminal prosecution.
  11. Users may not, of their own volition, change the order in which the archive items and documents are found, nor may they insert any notes or marks in the archival materials and other documents. Any identified defects should be reported to the relevant staff of montan.dok.
  12. It is not permitted to simultaneously use a large number of archival materials and other documents, or to occupy an excessively large amount of working space.
  13. The documents made available and the digital reproductions made of these, may only be used for the specified purpose. Any other use or passing on to any other parties is not permitted, or must be explicitly allowed by montan.dok. The user is duty bound to respect existing third-party rights when using or exploiting materials from montan.dok. It is possible that montan.dok does not hold any rights, especially rights of use and exploitation, to the documents provided, such that third parties may, in some circumstances, continue to hold rights, but could not be identified despite careful investigation. The user is solely responsible for the use of the documents provided, and they shall indemnify montan.dok in respect of all claims raised against montan.dok or Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum, in connection with rights of exploitation, property rights or personality rights. This release from liability includes the assumption of costs connected with an appropriate legal defence.
  14. When using documents taken from the collections of montan.dok, the user is duty bound, in connection with any publication, to refer to “Montanhistorische Dokumentationszentrum (montan.dok) beim Deutschen Bergbau-Museum Bochum” as a source. Further details can be found the notes on “Citing Methods”. You are duty bound, moreover, without further ado, to donate one copy free of charge of every publication, of whatever kind, written through using the archival materials and other documents of montan.dok. This applies equally to works not intended for printing (such as dissertations, state examinations, and other academic degree papers).

Updated: October 2020

Download the Terms of Use (pdf)

Accessibility to and provision of historical documents (files, photos, objects etc.) from our own collections is a key task of the Montanhistorische Dokumentationszentrum (montan.dok) of Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum. There is generally no charge to use the collections of montan.dok by viewing them on-site. This includes initial preliminary research, the issue of written information and specialist advice from the staff of montan.dok (exception, see 1.6). In return for providing additional services, especially the preparation and provision of digital reproductions and documents, montan.dok will charge a fee in order to cover its own costs incurred.

The modes of use are defined in the Terms of Use of montan.dok.

  1. Services

    1. Provision of photocopies/scans in plain readable quality (200 dpi) of text-based documents in PDF format (prepared by montan.dok using a photocopier; only for conservationally suitable and innocuous original materials)
      per copy: € 0.30
    2. Provision of digital reproductions (scans) in reproduction quality (TIFF, min. 300 dpi) of original materials up to max. DIN 4 (prepared by montan.dok using a flatbed scanner; only for conservationally suitable and innocuous original materials)
      per scan: € 3
    3. Provision of digital reproductions (digital images) in reproduction quality (TIFF, min. 300 dpi), digitalization using reflected light method primarily for original materials larger than DIN A 4; object photos of objects in museum's collections
      per image: € 15
    4. Provision of audio-video materials/films
      video/audio files or tapes in broadcastable quality (BetaSP, DigiBeta); two or more types of media will be charged separately
      per 15-minute time segment started: € 10
    5. CD/DVD production
      € 4 per CD/DVD
    6. Processing charges
      If the processing time for performing searches or providing materials or digital reproductions exceeds the standard time due to conservational or other such reasons, montan.dok reserves the right to charge a supplementary processing fee.
      € 27 for each 30-minute time segment started
    7. Dispatch charges
      by post/courier: actual costs for dispatch or post and packaging
      via mail: free of charge
  2. Royalties
    for the use of photographs, images and other materials the licences to which are held by montan.dok 

    1. Scientific and cultural purposes
      Publications (monographs, essays with a circulation of up to 1000 copies; CDs/DVDs; eBooks; online and Open Access publications): free of charge
      Exhibitions in public museums: free of charge
    2. Commercial purposes
      Publications (as described in 2.1 above, as well as flyers, advertising brochures, posters  etc./ one-time publication): € 70
      Reprints: € 35
      Online publications (max. frame length 800 pixels): € 70
      Television, film; and press (excluding daily newspapers): € 100

Updated: October 2020

Download the List of Fees for Services and Rights of Use (pdf)

The abbreviated form "montan.dok” must be expanded as follows for the initial citation in the annotations or at the central citation section: Montanhistorisches Dokumentationszentrum (montan.dok) beim Deutschen Bergbau-Museum Bochum.

Bergbau-Archiv Bochum (BBA)

Reference in annotations and bibliography:

  • for initial citation:
    Montanhistorisches Dokumentationszentrum (montan.dok) beim Deutschen Bergbau-Museum Bochum/Bergbau-Archiv (BBA) [fonds number/file number]
  • then subsequently as:
    montan.dok/BBA [fonds number/file number]
  • Example
    montan.dok/BBA 2/63

Museum's Collections, Photographic Collection, and Library

For works sourced from the Library, the following refers to references when using historical publications as objects, e.g. as part of exhibitions.
Reference in annotations and bibliography:

  • for initial citation:
    Montanhistorisches Dokumentationszentrum (montan.dok) beim Deutschen Bergbau-Museum Bochum [inventory number]
  • then subsequently as:
    montan.dok [inventory number]
  • Example
    montan.dok 023200653001

Bibliographic references in academic/scientific papers are subject to the standard specific rules on citation.

Updated: July 2015

Download the Rules on Citing Methods for Material (pdf)