METALLA – Issue 25.1

Journal 25.1|2019 of METALLA magazine is published at the end of 2020. As usual, the readership can expect a portfolio of diverse contributions and topics.

The article of Terekhova and Zavyalov focuses on the development of medieval ferrous metallurgy in Ryzan Principality (Ancient Rus’). They examined the entire metallurgical production chain from the exploitation of the ore deposits to the production of finished products, using the settlement of Istye 2 as an example. The presented investigation localized a rural metallurgical complex that supported the handicraft production of the Principality of Ryazan (Staraya Ryazan).

The contribution of Cucini deals with the metallurgical activities in the Celtic Metalworkers’ District of Mediolanum. For this study, the remains of 23 metallurgical workshops, which were in operation both before and during Romanisation, were investigated. The development of this district began in the 4th century BC, witnessed its greatest expansion in the 2nd and 1st centuries BC and produced until the end of the 1st century AD.

The contribution of Schorpp, et al. discusses the glass induced metal corrosion on several finds in the collection of the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum. This phenomenon occurs together with humidity and oxygen from the air, electrolytes that form during glass decay can induce corrosion in neighbouring metals. The presence of sodium, potassium, and formate ions on glass of the artefacts, leads then to the formation of the special metal corrosion compounds.

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  • Nataliya Terekhova and Vladimir Zavyalov:
    The Development of Ferrous Metallurgy in Ryzan Principality (Ancient Rus’), pp. 3-12
    Download (PDF)
  • Keywords: Ryazan Principality, metallurgical complex, ore occurrence, archaeometallurgy, technological schemes
  • Costanza Cucini:
    The Metallurgical District of Via Moneta in Milan-Mediolanum: The Earliest Phases, pp.13-32
    Download (PDF)
  • Keywords: Iron, copper metallurgy, oppidum, Gaulish-Roman
  • Alexandra Schorpp, Miriam Braun, Andrea Fischer and Gerhard Eggert:
    In Search of Frequency: Glass-induced Metal Corrosion in the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum, pp.33-41
    Download (PDF)
  • Keywords: Deutsches Bergbau-Museum, formate, GIM, glass induced metal corrosion, miners’ lamps, surveying instruments