03. BIS 04. September 2015

BigStuff 2015

Technical heritage: preserving authenticity – enabling identity?

About BigStuff conferences

Big Stuff is an international meeting focused on the challenges and requirements for conserving the large industrial structures and technical objects that form such an important part of our modern heritage. The meeting has been so far hosted in Canberra (2004), Bochum (2007), Duxford (2010) and Ottawa (2013). In 2015 it will be held in Lewarde/France.

The conference features two days of talks and discussions about the preservation of industrial sites, oversized objects, machinery, and working technology in the context of their significance and interpretation. The meeting aims to bring together Conservation professionals, Curators, and those working in or interested in the heritage field; to share experiences and ideas, and encourage a consistent approach to preserving technological heritage.

You can download the conference reader here.